About us

Welcome to Indraprastha Hall

Indraprastha Multipurpose Hall was established in 2000 to provide a quality venue for Weddings, Receptions and other special occasions Nashik’s growing sensitive population.

Indraprastha Multipurpose Hall has been a benchmark for best and the latest in the growing banquet hall industry, presenting the customers with the value for money, luxury and an assurance of cherished memories forever.


Indraprastha management believes in Quality, Speed & Consistency - a blend of these produce magic for the guests which is a result of :

Indraprastha management strive hard to maintain these standards & continually improve upon them. Be it the people working here, our systems, procedures, practices, ingredients, presentation, ambiance, music & atmosphere and hospitality - any thing & every thing which is important, relevant & that brings delight to our customers is very intricately looked into, adopted & implemented.